Custom Oil Portrait Painting
By Noah Klavens

A portrait painting is an incomparably special gift; immortalizing the essence of the sitter on canvas in a beautifully rendered manner can be an exceptional gesture of celebration, acknowledgement, and love.

From private portraits of loved ones and families to academic, medical, and corporate portraits, Noah works in close collaboration with his clients to create a deeply meaningful and nuanced display of all that they are.

He focuses every brushstroke of the composition on the sitter's true essence, and his goal is to create beautifully painted portraits brimming with life, light, and love.

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"I’m so grateful to Noah Klavens for painting a museum quality portrait of me and, as importantly, for how considerate he was in the process. It all felt warmly collaborative in service of bringing forth my inner character.

Noah’s attention to composition, perspective, style, and the subtle dance of color and light create a physical presence and aliveness that express so much more humanity than a photo can. If you want to commission a portrait of yourself or someone you care about, I can’t recommend Noah strongly enough.” 

- Mike

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"There’s so much to say about my experience with the very talented artist Noah Klavens.  I came across Noah’s work through a mutual friend and was so drawn to his style; these were portraits that were detailed but not formal, photo realistic but warmer, at once old-world and modern. 

From our very first phone call I knew that we were going to communicate well over the process and that’s exactly what happened.  Noah takes great care to get to know his subject so that the resulting portrait is a true reflection of the person as a whole.  It’s a remarkable experience.  Noah is a consummate professional and a gifted artist and I am absolutely delighted with the finished portrait.  Not to mention the fact that everyone who comes into our home is immediately drawn to this work; it simply radiates. Give yourself the gift of time with this uber talented artist and create a stunning historical piece for your family to enjoy for generations."

- Susan

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"My husband and I are thrilled with our new painting. We thought it might be a bit self-indulgent to commission a portrait but Noah instinctively knew how to put us at ease and expertly guide us through the process. Noah conducted a professional photo shoot in our home where he helped us select what we love most about our house as the setting. We are in awe of Noah’s ability to capture every detail in a photo realistic manner. Our hands, facial expressions, jewelry, clothing and other elements are spot on. He was also able to incorporate our request to include the spectacular view of our backyard in the painting. The way Noah depicted our dog is one of our favorite aspects of the portrait.

We love that Noah created this personal piece of art for us that our family will treasure for years to come. Noah is a true talent!

-  Beth & Marc

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“I was initially nervous about having a portrait painted of me, but having seen Noah’s other paintings, I knew he was very talented and that the painting would turn out well artistically. Noah took the time to discuss possible ideas and what I wanted to convey in the painting, and he made me feel very comfortable about the process. He also allowed me to give feedback on the painting before it was finished. I was amazed when I saw the painting in person. It’s gorgeous!"

"Many people have said that the painting captures my likeness and personality very well. If you are interested in a portrait painting, I can’t recommend Noah strongly enough. He was a pleasure to work with and I appreciated learning more about his artistic process."

- Sandra

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